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Allied Health Insights e-newsletter (“Allied Health Insights”) is published by HealthWork Publishing
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(collectively “Publisher”). All rights reserved.

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Allied Health Insights is intended for general news and information purposes only. The material,
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has not been prepared by taking into account your business needs, investment objectives, financial
situation, business positioning, your current situation or personal needs. Nothing in Allied Health
Insights constitutes or is intended to constitute business, investment, financial, bidding, property,
mortgage or legal advice and should not be relied upon by any person as a substitute for
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The views expressed in Allied Health Insights are not necessarily those of the Publisher, its officers or
employees. The Publisher makes no warranties in relation to the information provided and, to the
full extent allowed by law, disclaims all warranties of any kind, express or implied.

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In compiling the Allied Health Insights, the Publisher relies upon information and material supplied
by third parties. The Publisher is not liable to any person whatsoever for any loss or damage arising
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(a) any statement, opinion, representation, or omission made by a third party; or
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(d) other breach of intellectual property rights by a third party.